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Ben Milton - Principle Instructor

Ben has studied martial arts for over twenty years. He is a student of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang. During the last ten years with Master Chen he has studied the Laojia Long forms (Yi Lu and Er Lu), Sword, Sabre, Spear and Kwan Dao as well as pushing hands and chi kung.

He organises the Bristol School of Tai Chi and arranges for visiting teachers to run workshops in the UK. These teachers include Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Ying Jun, Mike Sigman, Zhang Xue Xin, and Zhu Tian Cai.

Over the years Ben has explored the main styles of Tai Chi but now focuses his time on Chen style Tai Chi.

Chris Haley - Instructor

Sunya Dickman - Instructor

I have been studying Tai Chi for 10 years; I began learning the Yang Style Long form in Paris from my father, Mike Dickman, and one of his teachers, Raymond Héliès. Both studied with the direct lineage descendant of the Yang style, Yang Zhenduo, and also Master Wong Tun-ken. When I moved back to London, I sought out other teachers like Christopher Pei, but I returned regularly to Paris to study with my father and Raymond.

 I practiced like this for 7 years and my interest in Tai Chi grew steadily, so, when I discovered the Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan, it seemed like a natural step for me to deepen my understanding of Tai Chi by going back to the style on which all Tai Chi systems are based, the Chen Style. I have seldom seen teachers of such a high calibre as those that I have studied with since joining the BTSCC and as my understanding grows Tai Chi becomes more challenging.

Malcolm Droy - Instructor

"Malcolm started practicing Yang Style Tai Chi around 1984 as a student of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association under the master Chu King Hung, learning his form for the first time from John Solagbad. He has continued to study under a number of Yang style instructors, including master Zheng Zhang of Switzerland, Keith Robertson and most notably under Karel and Eva Koskuba.

In 1999 Malcolm was introduced to Chen Style Tai Chi and has been studying Chen style under the instruction of Ben Milton at the Bristol School of Tai Chi. Malcolm is currently teaching regular classes in Chen Style 19 Pattern Short Form in Glastonbury, Street, Bridgewater, Taunton and Weston-super-Mare.

Chris File - instructor

Nen Crosby - instructor

Alistair Hake - Assistant Instructor

Matt Perry - Assistant Instructor